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These events have been put on hold due to the current pandemic that has effected us all around the world, and our events continue to be adjusted. The seriousness and impact of Covid-19 is devastating to all of our lives.  We have continued during the pandemic with our ministry support groups and keeping in touch with our comfort recipients while they battle breast cancer. All the while being safe during the pandemic

Pink Clover is a non profit charity.  We raise money through many events to assist women who are battling breast cancer.Now more than ever these women need our help, whether it be with PPE, transportation, child care assistance while they are in treatment, or just a simple phone call to say hello.

Cancer won't wait this out.

Cinder Bar
The Village Pub Swedesboro
The Village Pub Washing Twp.
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This foundation was formed by family and friends after the passing of Colleen Sorbello in 2017.  While she was fighting breast cancer for 4 years she participated in many trials and was passionate about finding a way to make the treatment less harsh for the women fighting breast cancer.   It was important to her family and friends to continue Colleen's fight and so the Pink Clover Foundation was born.

Colleen Sorbello Breast Cancer Foundation

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