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Pink Clover Foundation's
Patient Crisis Fund

We provide comfort in many ways, and one is to relieve women battling breast cancer of immediate financial burdens. These grants can offer much needed help to get back on their feet or stay on course for the necessary treatments.

However, we have few women that in some instances, the Comfort Recipient Grant is not enough.  In some cases she is the bread winner and unable to work because of the advanced stages of the disease.  This puts her and the family in the position to make the choice between food, rent,  heat, or electricity.  There are some programs that may help, but often they aren't enough.  This fund was established for this reason.


We will review the cases one by one, meet with the family to better understand the day to day trials and tribulations that they are faced with.  We work with them to establish a budget and fill in the deficit.

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